I love Raley's ecart!


I don't know why I didn't try it sooner. Maybe I thought it would cost money or you had to tip. It doesn't cost anything extra and no tips are accepted. Raley's eCart is so great. Just login at Raleys.com, create your list, choose the time you want to pick up your groceries and that's it! I normally make my list in the morning before work and pick up my groceries on the way home. My past lists are online so I can review them and make edits. After work, I pull up to Raley's, text them that I am there, and in less than three minutes my car is loaded and I am on my way home. Yes, I still forget items and have to run to the store again, but I'm getting better at it. I am also getting better at meal planning for the week. We make lunches every night after dinner as well, so I have to have enough food for all of our meals.

Last Saturday, in between wheelbarrow loads, I logged in and created our grocery list and made our order. We knew we were going skiing the next day and would be home late and needed groceries. We cleaned up our yard work project, drove to Raley's and got groceries and enjoyed a stress-free home cooked meal.

If this had been available when the boys were young, I would have been so happy. How many times did they melt down or run away from me in the store? Oh man, this would have been so nice.

I have a crush on you ecart, thanks for being so fine. I'll see you after work today, wink wink!