Indoor soccer champions! Go Vikings!


Erik had his last indoor soccer game on Tuesday. He scored one of the last goals and then they found out they were champions! We love this team so much. Erik is a little sad that its all over, but Pedar and I are welcoming a little less chaos. No baseball for us. We're getting ready for hikes, bike rides and swimming! Oh yeah!IMG_5391[1] IMG_5414[1]

Erik is great at keeping the ball away from the goal. He loves trapping the ball with his body too! Check him out!



Just adorable!  IMG_5421[1]

I just have to share this with you. I got a call the other day to go take a picture of a new custom Superman prosthetic that the amazing Orthotic and Prosthetic (POPS) department recently finished for a little guy. Wow. Can you imagine the smile on his face when he goes in for his fitting? Our technicians are the absolute best. It is so inspiring to work around people that just want to make a child's life better, with their talent and kindness.  If you can make someone's life a little easier, do it!

JFK Quote

Happy weekend everyone. Pedar and I are excited to help build sets for the boys musical next week. They both are performing in Night at the Wax Museum Musical Wednesday through Friday night. Casey is King Henry VIII and Erik is a cowboy. We cannot wait to see the show!!