It is all downhill from here...

On Sunday we headed to Sierra at Tahoe to get some ski time in already! We only went once in January and that night Erik came down with croup, so that was not the best day to try to get him up on the slopes. Having all of our gear makes for an easy time of it once we arrive. We have been investing in boots and skis for the kids for a few years now. When they need the next size we just sell them back at Helm. IMG_5933[1]

Anyhoo, we got to the resort and we started Erik out on the magic carpet. Halfway down he didn't want Pedar to use the harness. He just went down and was even turning. Casey and I stuck around for a little bit, but then we took off on the lift. Casey is turning into a really great skier. He needs to hang out with boys his own age because he was going up on the side of the mountain and wanting to do the jumps! He was stressing me out just watching him!!

After a few more runs on the bunny slope, Erik and Pedar joined us on the lift. He did great! So after a few runs on that one, we went on Sugar and Spice, the larger lift. Casey and I stayed with them for a little bit, but then we took off to ski down the long run. We met them for a snack afterwards and Pedar said Erik did great! In fact, Erik never wanted to stop. It was such a warm day. It helps when you can feel your toes and fingers all day long!!

Pedar smiled the entire drive home. He kept saying, "That was a dream come true, skiing with all of you. Man, that was so fun!" It was a great day. We all left exhausted and happy.