Just laugh, whenever you can


I recognize that living with anyone day-after-day-after-day, is not easy. I am outnumbered by man-boys who can't seem to put the toilet seat down and their sense of humor (gross things, fails, pranks, etc.) is not what I consider funny. Casey thinks I "fuss" too much and should chillax! I fight the good fight by repeating myself a lot and praying something sticks to their Teflon brains. Some of the things I find myself saying over and over are....

  • Take your lunch out of your backpack, EVERYDAY.
  • Did you look in your homework folder?
  • If you take it out, you need to put it back.
  • Does this belong here? (the answer is No!)
  • Everything needs to have a home.
  • Where does that go?
  • If it doesn't have a home, I will find it one, and you don't want that.
  • You should stop talking. This isn't going to end well for you.
  • You should ask me how you can help. I shouldn't have to remind you.
  • Please and thank you are necessary words to say!
  • If you put it away, it still exists. Not everything has to be out. Find a drawer and put it in there.
  • Do you ever clean your drawers? Or your boxes of stuff?
  • Why do you have to destroy so much? Why are you breaking that tree branch? Why are you digging a hole there? Did I want a hole dug there?
  • Can't things just stay nice? Do you think our house stays nice on its own?
  • If (insert item) had a designated place you kept it, and you put it back, you would know where it is.

When I start to feel really grouchy and overwhelmed, I breathe and I try and accept that the order and routine I crave is a LONG WAYS off. I need to just ride this man-boy wave for the time being and laugh it off. I need to keep laughing and these videos help so much.