She sees me

This precious dog sees me. I feel like she sees into my heart. I am so happy we brought her home. She has given all of us so much joy and love. 


When I look at her I feel like she wants to tell me all the things I really need to hear. So, I allow myself the fantasy to hear them. This is what Dottie says to me when I look into her eyes, "I love you lady. You are a good Mom. Casey is going to be fine, you are doing all the right things for him. I know you miss friends, and you feel so distant from everyone. It is OK. Don't look too far ahead, and don't look back just to drive yourself crazy, just stay present. Go read Erik a book. Go watch Casey skateboard. Go goose Pedar. Come snuggle with me and Curly and watch Elf. Things are going to be OK."

What do you need to hear? Why not tell it to yourself. Stop waiting for someone or something to help you feel better. You know what you need, go ahead, give it yourself.