Last day of school!


Yesterday was the last day of school. I took the day off from work and enjoyed being with the boys and a lot of their friends! We had a small swim party.  I also enjoyed some quality time with my Melanie!

Official last day of school picture for fifth and first grade! They were sent home witlastdaypfscholh their report cards. They did really well this year. Proud of my cutie pies.


Here is how they looked on the first day of school!


The end of the year talent show and sending off the sixth grade was fantastic. At the end of the assembly, they asked all the fifth graders to stand up and take a seat on the benches. Then they declared them the new sixth grade class. It was a little gasp inducing that my little (who I am kidding, Casey was never little!) fussy-face, tomato head, big-blue eyed baby is now a sixth grader.

IMG_6927[1] IMG_6928[1]

Hope everyone has a great summer! It is starting off so HOT! It might hit 106 today. Ouch!