Let's do this, 2017!

We brought in the new year at my cousins cabin in Dorrington.  We had a great time sledding and staying up way too late watching movies. We went skiing at Bear Valley on New Years day. What a fantastic ski place. Erik was my shadow all day and didn't want to stop. I was so proud that I could take care of Erik on the lifts and runs all day without any help from Pedar!! Pedar accidentally took Casey on a black run and he did it without blinking. Pedar said Casey raced down the slopes! We did two runs together, but Casey needs to be on the big mountains. Erik came really far with turning.  We all had a great day. Before we knew it the day was over and it was only about 28 degrees. It got really cold, really quickly once the sun hid behind the hills. We climbed into the car tired and cold, but thankfully the drive home was less than two hours. We got home and unpacked and were so grateful to have one more day off together.


Last night we had dinner with Pop-Pop and Mor Mor and celebrated Pops birthday and the boys. Today they spent the day with Mor Mor. She took them on adventures all over town and ended it at the gorgeous Crocker Art Museum. The boys have one more week of school off. This feels like the longest break!!!!