Letter to Casey














Dear Casey

Hey buddy! Today is Thursday. Only one more sleep till I get to see you. It is really hard not being able to call you and say hello. I want to hear your voice and listen to what you did and learned today. I want to hear about the new friends you've made. I miss you. I want to hug and kiss you.

The house feels really empty without you. When we sit down to eat it feels like there is a big hole at the table. Erik misses you. He wishes you were with him during the day. Curly keeps going into your room and looking at me. His eyes are saying, "Where did you put him Mom? Where is my boy?"

I know you're eleven-years-old and this is a great time for you to be away. But see these two pictures of you? This is how I see you on most days. I see you as my sweet little guy that wants a fruit snack and to play outside.

I love you Casey. I am so lucky to be your Mom. I am so proud of you. You better get ready, because I'm going to need to hold you for quite awhile on Friday. And most likely all weekend.

Love you Case,