We finally did it. We visited Hawaii. It was the longest flight the boys have been on and they loved it. Thanks to my Dad's military discount, our hotel room was affordable at the Hale Koa. It is a beautiful resort with the beach just steps away. It was so much fun running into family everyday. The first day we played in the ocean and walked to dinner at Chiba-Ken. We liked it so much we went their for our final night out as well. I fell in love with a drink made from sweet potatoes, called Shōchū. Delicious.

We had a great time exploring the beach right outside the hotel. We rented a water tryke and paddle board and even an umbrella and chairs. We snorkeled and saw sea turtles. That was amazing! It was so fun to be in the warm ocean. The boys loved sitting in floaties and just bobbing in the waves.

We visited Bellows Air Force Station and enjoyed a BBQ with the rest of the family that was staying at Bellows. Pedar and Casey had fun using a bodyboard and surfing the waves. Erik and I hung out on the beach and later played miniature golf with cousins.

Casey came down with a nasty cough a few days into our trip, so on Thursday we headed to Kaiser in Honolulu. He was diagnosed with Bronchitis. He was such a trooper during the day, it was the incessant coughing at night that was so hard on him (and his roommates -eek!) We were all ready to be in our beds away from coughing. I am so grateful to our cousin Jeff and Lisa for recommending our pediatrician at Kaiser. We adore her. She has been absolutely fantastic through the boys illnesses. I also want to thank Mama Sue for helping answer all of my questions, day after day. Thank you so much!

We made the most out of our Kaiser detour. We were supposed to be on a catamaran snorkeling excursion, but instead we were the doctor's. While waiting for his appointment, we walked all over downtown Honolulu, shopped at a skate shop and enjoyed shaved ice. Later that evening we rallied to attend a super fun luau at the Hale Koa with all of my cousins.

One of the funniest memories of our trip happened at the luau. Our table was a bit away from the stage where the show was going to be. After dinner, just as the show was about to start, Erik took his chair and carried it to the front of the show. He placed himself right by the front of the stage.






No one said anything to him. In fact, one of the dancers, patted his head. He loved every minute of it. He goes after what he wants, love that about him!

Friday evening, after the funeral we went to the Jack Johnson concert. We had tickets for all four of us, but with Casey's cough, we asked my Mom to watch them and gave the tickets to my cousins. It was a great concert and it was nice to have a few hours away.

I am so grateful we were able to go on this trip. I loved being with family. I loved seeing a bit of Hawaii. I love traveling. The boys are great travelers and I and look forward to many more adventures. Mahalo.