24 hours away

I heard about Janet Jackson's concert on my birthday. Pedar and I don't usually get one another much for our birthday's. Maybe something small and take-out. When I found out that Janet Jackson would be performing in South Lake Tahoe in August, I charged two incredible tickets and did a happy dance.

Four months flew by and before I knew it, Pedar and I were packing a small bag and hitting the road for 24 hours away. I am grateful to my Mom for staying at out house with the boys. We left Friday around lunch and returned a bit after lunch on Saturday. Pedar found us a super cute Airbnb less than five miles from Harvey's. We stayed in a little guest house. It had a hot tub and two cruisers. We rode the cruiser bikes to the concert and out to breakfast the next morning.

The concert was so fun! Janet is an incredible performer. She inspires me to dance more. Wow, she can move!! I had several friends that were attending the concert as well. We were able to wave to them, but you know how concerts are, you don't really get to visit. We got to our seats, and who should happen to have the seats right next to us??!! Friends! Our friends Alicia, Michele and Lauren somehow had the three seats right next to us. We didn't plan this at all. It was such an incredible treat to connect with them!

Riding the bikes home from the concert was so fun. It finally hit me on the way back that we were alone. We were not going home to the boys. I wasn't going to make anyone breakfast in the morning or clean house. We could just focus on us. It had been a LONG time since we had a night away. I can't even remember when the last time was. One of my goals this year was to carve out more time to connect as a couple. We didn't really make that happen but I will keep trying.

I loved the concert. I love the car rides with Pedar. I loved talking to Pedar without being interrupted or needed. I loved our bike rides and hike around zephyr cove. We stopped at Green Acres on the way home and picked up a few new plant friends. I will hold the memory of our 24-hours-away close to me. I will close my eyes and remember how time slowed down and how connected we felt.


I may be one of the luckiest women in the world and I am so grateful. When I saw these two pictures Pedar took of me I could see through the camera how much he loves me. We met when I had just turned 21-years-old. We have been together for 22 years, married 17. It just keeps getting better. You know why? Because everything is better with Pedar; while wearing a sweater, writing a letter and eating cheddar!