Missing flowers and beauty


I worked a bit on a small area in our backyard this weekend. There is so much to do. IMG_5395[1] IMG_5396[1]

Erik and I planted several hydrangeas in the side yard to create a beautiful spot to look at from the kitchen window. We just need to order the bark and more decomposed granite to make the path, and then this area will be done. I miss the wall of hydrangeas I had at Oxbow so I am recreating it here.IMG_5397[1]

Erik put each plant in the hole and would say, "Welcome to your new home!" It was so sweet. I love having a gardening buddy.


 I miss this yard. We planted everything except a few trees.backyard backyard2

Looking back at this picture helps. We started from nothing and we can do it again.

oxbowYou know what I'm going to do to make me feel like we are moving forward with our yard plans? I am going to draw my dream yard. YES! Just wait till you see the swing and hammock area in the corner that I dream about. Something kind of like this!


And the winding decomposed granite path around the backyard with huge flowerbeds around the fence line!


And the pavers and pergola by the pool. Some day, man. Some day it will be reality.