Mission Avenue School Auction


This past weekend was the school auction. The auction event team really knocked it out of the park.  I volunteered Pedar (sorry, not sorry honey) to create the classroom projects for the silent auction. He made a measuring board for Erik's second grade class and he painted a dragon playing a guitar for Casey's sixth grade class.

Pedar got home last week from three days camping with eight-year-old's and quickly tried to catch up on work, etc. Saturday arrived and his painting wasn't done. He said, "They don't need this painting at the auction. I'll finish it later." I said, "No. You have to finish it. It doesn't have to be perfect, just done." So he did it, and I think it is awesome.

The starting bid for it was really low, so I placed a bid, thinking that others would bid, but nope. So we won it. And the best part of the night was giving it to Mr. Martin as a gift. Bryon Martin is Casey's sixth grade teacher and he has taught Casey how to ROCK a guitar this year. We are so grateful to Mr. Martin for introducing Casey to his new passion and for being a loving and supportive mentor to him this year.

The theme for the auction was Wild Wild West! Hoedown and Auction! So, I got a funny tank top and a t-shirt for Pedar. Oh, I may have purchased my first pair of cowboy boots too. Thank you, Boot Barn. Another fun auction in the books. Can't believe Casey graduates Mission Avenue in June.


Surf's Up Mission Auction in 2015

80's Mission Auction in 2013