My soul is smiling

This weekend was perfectly cozy and wonderful. On Saturday Erik played in his last soccer game. After having to take three weeks off for his broken toe, he was back in it to win it and was able to end the season strong! img_9795 img_9794 reddevlils

"I want to give a big congratulations to the La Sierra U10 Red Devils! Even though they were moved up three entire divisions to division 2 after mid season (and I believe the only team in CVYSL to do so) they finished on top with an undefeated record of 8-0-2!! I am so proud of how the boys played and handled themselves on and off the field. I want to thank Melissa and James for helping coach and thank all the parents for helping with setup, take down, snacks, and everything else that made this team run smoothly. I'm looking forward to some indoor and future seasons with this amazing group of boys, GO Red Devils!!!"

We are so grateful to Eric, Melissa and James for their fantastic coaching. We all had a great time this season!

On Sunday I decided to get a jump on decorating. I had the energy and time and Bing Crosby whispered to me, "Go ahead, play White Christmas, let's do this!" So I turned on the Christmas music and got to it! I had a great time putting lights on every available surface and elfing up the place. Oh yeah, I even put lights in the bathrooms. Decorating brings me so much joy. I felt like a kid and I loved every minute.

After decorating the house I looked in the kitchen and saw a spot that needed sparkle. I said, "Pedar, we have to go to Emigh Hardware right now." And because he is my Pedar, he said, "OK, let's go!" We went and he got a few things but I picked out this small wreath and ball of light. He then wired them together and helped me hang it. I am incredibly loved and he loves me right back! He is always doing things to make me happy. I am so thankful.

Erik was at our neighbors most of the day and when he came home he said, "Wow! Can I put the ornaments on now?" You bet!


While Erik was putting ornaments on the tree, Curly walked up to him and asked for a kiss. It was such a sweet moment. I think even Curly was feeling the Christmas magic wrapping its arms around our home.


Last night we enjoyed some cousin and sister time at Bridget's house. I loved seeing the kids play and enjoyed catching up with Bridget and Margery. We came home and enjoyed our beautiful tree and snuggly doggy.

I am so grateful for family, friends, our health, our jobs, our home, love, music, playtime, joy, hugs, kisses and food. I have so much to be thankful for. My heart is full.