What a weekend!!

As I sit here on Monday morning, sipping my coffee, I am wishing for a few more hours just to reflect and rest. I fit in a TON of family time this weekend.

After work on Friday, I went to Margery's and visited with her and Rita, Steven and her neighbor. Casey had a friend spend the night and they wanted to stay up late. They finally settled in close to midnight. The next day was Erik's first soccer game at 9 a.m. I went to get snacks for the team, (why the hell did I sign up to be "Snack Mom" the first game?!) While I ran to the store, Pedar took Erik to the field to warm-up. I accidentally told Pedar the wrong park for the game. After a bit of hustling, we all got to the game. The Red Devils played hard, but lost by 1. 

We got home and worked on the yards and housework. We were gone last weekend, so nothing got done. I am so grateful our neighbor Brad lets us borrow his rider mower. It would take me hours without it. Pedar and I tag team, he uses the weed eater and I mow and then we clean up. Fingers crossed this was the last weekend over 95 degrees. It was just SO HOT. I feel cooked and am ready for cool weather.

Later in the day Dagny, Dean, Addie, Mor Mor and Pop came over to celebrate Pedar's birthday.  We played on the trampoline and swam. Addie is so talkative now. It is so sweet watching her personality develop.


The next morning, Pedar and I enjoyed a quick walk while the boys slept. Mor Mor dropped by to get some bark. I was called last week to see if we would like a FREE load of bark from a landscaping company. I said, "YES!"-- I didn't realize it would be 20 yards of bark. We got home Friday to a monster pile of bark. I feel like Oprah, "You get some bark! And YOU get some bark!!"  Seriously, everyone come and get some damn bark.

So on Sunday, we hosted my family over for lunch to celebrate my Dad's 70th Birthday and Pedar's belated one. Dagny dropped off Addie for a bit while she and Dean checked out a new restaurant. Rita and Lila loved seeing her.

Our house was full of kids and adults playing, swimming or jumping. It was good afternoon.  I took my Dad to See's candies to pick out a box of chocolates. He had never handpicked a box of his favorites and he LOVED it.

Last year Dad was in a nursing home on his birthday, so this year we REALLY needed to celebrate the healing that occurred. He had surgery on 8/25/17 and was in the hospital and a nursing home and then on a wound pump until Halloween. It was a rough time and it took several months to see progress. 

Last Summer Erik had pneumonia, Casey had health struggles and my Dad was hospitalized. This is why I enjoyed this boring Summer so much.

Sunday evening, because I am crazy and I LOVE to fill up every spare minute, we went over to Melanie's for dinner. After back to back events at our house, it was nice to just walk away from the mess. We LOVE Melanie's new house, especially that she lives less than five minutes away. She has made it so beautiful and now she is working on her backyard. Everytime I visit, it is so fun to see the changes!! We all walked around her neighborhood after dinner. We love her quiet street. We are just so happy for her.


On Saturday, September 8, Pedar brought me coffee and decorated the cup to celebrate the anniversary of our first date, 22 years ago. I love Pedar so much and am so grateful for the life and family we have created together. It just keeps getting better.

Hope everyone has a great week.