New nature area to explore!


We have enjoyed hiking Ancil Hoffman Park for years, but recently we were looking for a new nature area to explore. We didn't want to drive too far, because we wanted our time to be moving and we had a huge school project to finish. We parked near Waldorf school off of Bannister Road in Fair Oaks and found several beautiful trails around the river.  



IMG_5294 IMG_5296 IMG_5297 IMG_5298

We came home from our hike ready to tackle the rest of Casey's Wax Museum project.  Casey chose to be Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boy's. We found his costume at the Thrift Store earlier in the week. We just needed to create his backdrop and finish a bit of his written report. We got home and knocked it out and celebrated with dinner out. The boys were off of school this past week. I wish we could have done something more fun or gone somewhere, but I just took three days off for Casey's Monterey trip and don't have time off, and Pedar is crazy busy at work this month. We are grateful to Mor Mor, Nana and Aunt Margery for watching them while we worked.


We visited Dagny, Dean and baby Addison this weekend. She got cuter!! They are all doing so well and we are so in love with Addison.




We ended our weekend with watching Erik defend his adorable butt off at his indoor soccer game. He LOVES indoor soccer. He was blocking with his body and went after it the entire game. The other team only made one goal. Vikings won 5-1. It was a great game!

We closed out our Sunday with a fun afternoon double date with our friends, Becky and Paul.

IMG_5289 IMG_5291






We went to Rio City Cafe and enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine. We were home early to get everyone ready for school and band practice. Casey did NOT want to go to practice at 7  a.m. this morning, but he did it! Monday's are long for Casey because he has musical rehearsal after school as well. Erik and Casey have been practicing for weeks and we are so excited to see them perform next month.