October is here!!


I love October. I love the weather. I love Halloween. I just love it!! I decorated the inside of the house a couple of weeks ago, so we decorated the outside more this weekend. I hung witches hats from fishing line and I love how it looks. And yes, the boys have their costumes all figured out. Erik is going to be a sloth and Casey is the white rabbit. img_8618 img_8603 img_8599

This weekend started out with Erik's soccer game. dsc_0319

Friday night, Erik and I spent time with Margery and Rita, while Pedar was out at a birthday party with Casey. This weekend we cleaned up the garden. It was a good first run with it. We got a ton of cucumbers, a few peppers and tomatoes. The zucchini and spaghetti squash did really well.  I cleaned up the front flower bed a little and planted a smoke bush and some other perennials.



Friday was Culmination Day at school. The performances were fantastic and I loved the "Build It" theme.

img_8691 img_8688 img_8687

Erik and Ollie play, "American Ninja Warrior" everyday at school. It was fun to watch them swing all over the place.

img_8699 img_8698

Last weekend we hiked around Ancil Hoffman with the boys. We haven't hiked it in awhile. It is a nice little 3-mile hike. We saw a ton of deer, turkey, heron's and woodpecker's.

img_8643 img_8639

















Oh my gosh! This weekend we went to our friends new house for dinner and she took us on a walk to the "bunny house!" It was crazy. There were bunnies everywhere.

img_8727 img_8724

Erik reunited with his pre-school best friend this weekend for his birthday party.img_8711

Casey has been drawing a lot more lately. I love it!!




Hope everyone has a great week!