On the mend


Erik is finally feeling a little better. He wasn't able to keep his medicine down due to a fever and an awesome gag reflex, so his doc prescribed Zofran and now he is finally off the couch. Pedar and I want to see him moving around!! He was able to keep a bowl of soup down today. It has been a week of jello and popsicles and we were getting worried. His doctor is so wonderful. She has called me everyday. Curly has still not left his side. It is very sweet but I can imagine when you are 103 you don't want a warm dog leaning against you!

Casey left on Monday for Camp Winthers. After all the coughing and vomit he watched this weekend, he almost ran out of the door. I am so glad he is off having a good time this week.

I cannot wait for Friday! Our dear friends from Maryland are coming and I just know that Erik will be feeling better and Casey will be home and my shoulders will be officially dropped to their normal resting place. I am planning on a weekend of fun and excellent health.

I hope you are feeling well. I am closing my eyes right now and sending you love and hugs and a furry puppy.