P is for pneumonia, not N, like it should be


Erik woke up Tuesday around 4 a.m. coughing really hard. He was sleeping out in the living room with his cousins, so we moved him into our bed. We noticed he had a fever, so we gave him  Tylenol. We canceled the sitter and Pedar worked from home. Erik didn't improve much on Tuesday. He woke up throughout the night, and his temperature kept rising to 102/103 whenever the Tylenol would lapse. Pedar stayed with him again on Wednesday. After another rough night, I called the advice nurse on Thursday morning. I was home with him and wanted to get him in to see the doc early that morning. She told me that he could have a fever for five days and he wasn't wheezing, so he would be on the mend soon. But he wasn't. He was vomiting whenever the fever spiked and he was barely moving from the couch.

Friday morning I called again. Once again I was told that a fever like his was normal. My intuition said No. This cough and fever was not normal for Erik. I knew that if I told her he was wheezing, I would get an appointment. BINGO. Pedar took him in. He got a chest X-Ray and they confirmed he has pneumonia. I hated hearing that he had it, but at least we would now get some medicine to help him. Pedar waited forever for his prescription and they were finally on their way. Poor guy couldn't keep down the first dose, we are hoping the rest stays down to work its magic.

I am SO grateful for medical insurance. I am grateful for flexible jobs. I am grateful for an adorable dog that won't leave his side. I am grateful for air conditioning. I am grateful for Tylenol. I am grateful for popsicles.

Curly has been so sweet to him. He has never left his side. Grateful for our sweet fur-friend who is so gentle. Bring on the healing! We could really use a good night's sleep.