Porch Makeover

For the past 90 days my list of improvements has grown exponentially because working from home makes me look around WAY too much. Because we are still paying off the equity loan for the paver project in our backyard, little projects are what I have to play with for now. I have big ideas for the boys bathroom, the fireplace, the kitchen counters and backsplash, the front yard, the backyard and so much more!! For now, I need to chill out and be patient. These are two personality traits that I don’t come by easily.

When we moved here I just moved our porch benches from our old house and the jade plant and stuck it on the porch. I eventually added new pillows and few more potted plants. I have killed sooo many plants on my porch! I now have two dwarf olive plants and several varieties of succulents and so far, so good!

We have these four cedar Adirondack chairs that we bought in 2006. I stained them red and continue to stain them every two years. I cover them in the winter and they have held up really well.

Pedar and I are usually the only people that sit out on our porch so I decided to move the metal glider benches by the pool. I moved two of the Adirondack chairs to the front. I bought an outdoor rug and a wreath and moved some plants around and Voila, my Porch Makeover was complete!

These little changes make me smile. My doormat says, “You’re about to get hugged!” My friend sent me the link and said it was perfect for me. I bought it immediately. Grateful for sweet friends. I love hugs.

My next little project is our bedroom closet doors. I put curtains up as doors and it is time to buy some darn closet doors already! Here I go!