Did you feel the full moon last week? We sure did. With Casey's band performance, work events and an evening meeting to prepare for Monterey trip, our week was intense. Listen for Casey's trombone solo in the song. You can't see that well, but he stands up with the other two trombone players and plays a little fun part! IMG_4768 IMG_4764

We closed out the week with a Rita sleepover. We had a blast playing, but then it came time for bed.  When I said, "It's time for bed!" Rita became a koala and would not uncling herself from me, all night long. Her little feet or hands had to be ON me. The next morning was a little rough, but with coffee by my side, it was fine.


Margie stayed with the boys for a bit on Saturday so Pedar and I could run to Home Depot to get new bathroom fans. Hot date at Home Depot, don't be jealous. I gotta say though, running errands without the boys is so GREAT. Anyhoo, the fan in our bathroom made crazy rattling noises and was most likely over 30 years old. The other fan was just as icky. It is always nice to replace super old stuff around the house. I feel like the house says, "Thank you!" I bet Pedar isn't as grateful for all the hours he spent in the attic. I am grateful for his handy skills and that he doesn't mind small spaces.

Saturday flew by and Sunday wasn't much different. Erik had a soccer game Sunday and then I just grocery shopped and prepared for our Monterey trip and we worked on Casey's Monterey reports.

I listened to one of my favorite podcasts yesterday and she talked about preparing better to have less stress. I am going to try to prepare better at night so I am ready to take on the day better. We do well at making lunches at night for boys, but we could do more to help the day go better. She also said that if someone or something is irritating you, they are probably your greatest teacher. When I have a project I don't like, it probably means I really need to do it, so I can get better at it and it will irritate me less. Same goes for people. If someone really bothers me, maybe they are teaching me how NOT to be, or maybe they are showing me a side of myself I don't like. Something to consider, hmmmm.




Have a great week everyone!!