Ready or not, here we come


I'm ready to put July behind me. It was a stressful month. Erik had pneumonia, work was crazy for both of us, so juggling a sick child made it all the more fun. We are ready to get out of town and enjoy some time away. But before we leave, Pedar was able to finish the huge gate/fence project. Just a few more finishing touches and it is done! We went to the dump this morning and cleaned up the side yard of wood and junk, and that felt awesome!

You know how I love lists?? I made one back in April that had this stuff on it:

1. Finish Will and Living Trust.

2. Paver project around the pool. Build fence around pool equipment.

3. Fence/ Gate project!

4.  Keep cleaning yard and garage.

5. Go to Hawaii

We did it all!! Heck yeah!!!

I'm hugging it out with August!