I love Fall!


Happy October! I love October. I love the cooler weather. The kids have been in school for over a month and a half and things are going pretty well.

Casey already had picture day. Here it is!

He is still skateboarding a ton and playing the guitar. We finally started updating his bedroom. We promised to do that for this 13th birthday and never really got around to it. He went through his toys and was hoping to sell some and make a bit of cash for this boxing thing he wants. Turns out, like most of our stuff, once you buy it, it depreciates like crazy and no one really wants it. I was proud of him for cleaning stuff out though and getting organized. His room looks like a teenager lives in it now, I like it! Only two more months and he will be 14-years-old.


This past week Mission held their annual Culmination Day celebration. All the classes performed a song or skit and the Mission staff did as well. The theme this year is “Dig-It” for gardening so all the performances had really great growing, gardening or eating themes.

Erik performed as Papa Gnome in his skit. He loved it!


Erik is in Soccer and choir this year. His soccer team the Red Devils won another game this weekend! They are on fire. Melissa, his coach gave Erik a new nickname, “The Iron Curtain”~ because no one gets around him when he is defending the goal!

Choir practice is twice a week at 7:15 a..m. and I get him there and help out. I really just try to keep the 65+ kids from talking too much so Ms.H doesn’t lose her mind.

Cheers to a great year! I keep reminding the boys that their one major goal for the year is to be a great student. What is your goal for the year?

A few of my goals:

  1. Eat healthier.

  2. Exercise more. Get stronger.

  3. Meditate and more self-care for less stress.

  4. Work on making our home as organized as possible = less stress.

  5. Be SUPER focused on financial goals.

  6. Have MORE fun.