The boys recently joined the Carmichael Running Club and we are all enjoying this new activity together. They run on Tuesday's and Thursday's after school for seven weeks and the session culminates with participation in a 5K race. Pedar and I are trying to join them one day a week so we can learn what they are being taught and then run more together to help prepare them for the race. Last night I ran with the boys and we had a great time. We got home and made dinner together. Casey made all the burritos and green beans. When he was done cooking he said, "Burritos are really easy Mom, can I learn how to make something more difficult?"

Umm sure honey, let me find someone that can help you with that. Gulp. I guess we will just learn how to cook together! For now, I am going to keep opening cans and calling it good. Look at how happy this can of olives made Erik?

Happy Wednesday!