Sensational Summer

It really was an incredible Summer. Thursday, August 15 was the first day of school for the boys. It was a scorcher of a day. It hit 107. The boys were ready for school. Casey started his freshman year at El Camino High School (Class of 2023) and Erik is in the fifth grade. We pray this year they grow academically and become the most kind and passionate humans they can be!

I thought I would try to create a Summer Wrap-Up list to help me remember what we did!

School got out in early June. I was busy trying to learn how to work from home and have two children with me all day. The first trip we did was a day trip to Sonoma Canopy Tours to celebrate Father’s Day. We had a blast zip-lining through the redwood trees. We had time beforehand to go to the beach and enjoy a nice lunch.

I think the next thing we did was take the kids rafting again. This time we let them bring a few friends. Thankfully it was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed our time on the river.

For Casey’s graduation we asked him what experience he wanted that wasn’t too far away and he said Alcatraz. He also REALLY wanted to sleep on a boat. So, Pedar found a boat in the Oakland Marina. We went Saturday afternoon and checked in. Unfortunately our boat smelled terribly of a chemical toilet. We were all thrilled to head to San Francisco the next morning.

We got to the city and visited the Golden Gate Bridge and walked all along the water until our boat ride to the Rock. Our visit to Alcatraz was fantastic. In the gift shop their was an actual past inmate signing books. I wished I had bought Casey his book because he thought he was the coolest thing ever. Pedar and I had been to Alcatraz back in like 1998 with his folks and sister. The gardens and the actual tour has really improved since them.

The fourth of July was fun. We walked in our neighborhood parade with Addie and Dagny and then hosted a few friends over to swim.


My parents had their floors redone this Summer so my Dad hung out with me for a week every morning with their dog. I loved his visits and he loved Nora’s Diner for breakfast. He loves being fed. He is easy to please.

We enjoyed watching Ferno for a week this Summer while Dagny and Dean were in Oregon for a family reunion. Dottie was very tolerant and generous of Ferno.


Pedar drove the boys to Tahoe so they could stay a couple of nights with his folks. They took them horseback riding and on a few hikes and a lot of Chamber Beach time. I was very appreciative that they were not home with me. Learning to work from home with kids always underfoot made for late nights and a lot of working on the weekends. There is always work to be done and there is always a kid to be fed.

We are fortunate to live on a Sycamore Tree lined street. We have heard of “Summer Drop” but this year we experienced it when one of our large trees out front decided to drop a branch across the street. If someone or a car had been there at that moment there is no telling what would have happened. It took Pedar, a chainsaw, me and several green waste bins (we have five) to clean up the mess.

Erik attended a basketball camp and Casey went to Sacramento City College for a Cyber Security camp. He also participated in Project Lifelong, a skateboarding group and visited skate parks across Northern California. Erik, Pedar, Emery and Ryan our neighbors made an awesome go-kart and they also biked everyday around the neighborhood. Pedar and I bought lights for our bikes and had epic bike rides around our neighborhood at night.


Pedar had to say goodbye to a dear friend, Davey Johnson this Summer. He wished he had more time to tell him what a difference he made in his life and what a wonderful and talented man he knew him to be. His tragic death is a reminder to not wait to share how you feel about someone. Tell them now. Time is priceless.

We ended our Summer with a trip to Morro Bay with Melanie and Jacob. The kids loved boogie boarding in the ocean in their wet suits. I loved it too. I was scared of sharks, but I still went out in the cold ocean for two days straight and rode those waves! It was so fun!

I am so grateful that everyone was healthy this Summer. I am grateful to be loved so beautifully by my man. I am grateful to work from home. I have a REALLY great feeling about this year. I hope your YEAR is fantastic. Sending you a ton of love.