Sixth Grade Graduation!

Casey graduated from sixth grade tonight. Academically, Casey is SO ready for junior high. He is a responsible student. He doesn't wait to the last minute to finish his work, so I know he will be fine. I'm sure having multiple classes will take some getting used to, but I'm not worried about that either. We hope he comes to us with concerns or social group stuff that is bound to surface in middle school. But even if he doesn't, we will just keep telling him that we are here for him, no matter what. We have loved Casey's experience at Mission Avenue. We hope to know his friends and their families for a long time. Seven years of field trips, friends and fun.

This year has had its fair share of struggle. We continue to love him through tough stuff and always will. It is privilege to watch Casey grow into a young man. It is a privilege that our dear friends don't have. I never EVER want to take these moments for granted.


During graduation, Casey introduced his lead guitar group last night and performed a few solo's. He was great. I am so proud of him! We are so looking forward to encouraging and loving him as much as we can every step of the way.



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