Shake your booty


Casey has been practicing the song Five-foot-two, eyes-of blue on his trombone for awhile now. He rushes the parts he knows and stumbles on the other parts. We tell him to play it really slowly until he's mastered the notes, but our advice falls on his (I know better than you) eleven-year-old ears. He's getting it, but he gets frustrated a lot and he isn't trying a new way to learn it. We have to try new ways. Our old ways and patterns don't always serve us. If something isn't working, try something else.

Here's to focusing on making positive changes and putting work and effort towards those changes. Here's to being kinder to yourself and others. Here's to being of service. Here's to taking better care of your body, brain, heart, finances, job and relationships. Here's to getting more rest and laughing more. Here's to knowing that everyone is struggling in some way, so be lighter and kinder. Here's to eating healthier and allowing yourself to daydream. Here's to slowing down and giving more attention to those you love. Here's to love, joy and shaking your booty.