Spring Break, where did it go?


Last week was Spring Break. The boys spent two days with Nana and one day with Mor Mor. They went to the Sacramento Zoo and Crocker Art Museum and hung out while Pedar and I worked. Thank you very much grandparents for being so generous with your time! We appreciate you. We did take Thursday and Friday off and we had fun around town. Friday we went skiing at Sierra at Tahoe Ski Resort. It was a gorgeous day and we all had so much fun. Erik is LOVING skiing and wants to do jumps like Casey already. Oh boy.


Spring Break is right before all the big school field trips, so it is hard to take time off. Pedar was at Sierra Outdoor School for two nights and three days this week with Erik, and soon I will be spending two nights and three days in San Francisco with Casey.

Casey and I have been enjoying going out just the two of us, and we love it. We went to sushi last week (this week too, don't tell Pedar, he was eating camp food!) and enjoyed talking about our dreams and goals. It was so nice. I adore this talented, sensitive, creative and loving boy of mine.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Hugs and love!!