Stay positive!


"The first week back after two weeks out of school is always so easy!" said NO ONE EVER. Yep. We all got back to it this week. Work, school, band, musical rehearsals, homework, lunch making every night after dinner when all I really want to do is lock them in their rooms and zone out. Is it awful that after I've been home from work for only 2 and half hours I just want everyone to STOP talking and go to sleep? It most likely has something to do with all of my patience being eaten up at work. Need to find more patience for talking, cooking, cleaning and helping the people I live with. Where do you find your extra battery pack?

Next week Erik starts indoor soccer and Casey's has trombone lessons. Pray for us. I'll pray for you. I'm going to glue a smile to my face and stay positive.

I don't know why I worry, I'm sure by the time I get home the kids will have cleaned the toothpaste from the sinks and off the mirrors from the spit-spray artwork they make everyday. I'm sure the toys they took out four days ago will finally be put away and they will be playing with their adorable dog and not on devices. They will greet me with hugs and ask how they can help. I think I will continue this daydream while getting a massage very soon.

Cheers to massages and dreams. Have a good weekend. Love your face!