Stop! It's hammer time


You know....when it is four days from Christmas and you are still working on crazy work deadlines, and you've given up buying anymore gifts because you haven't wrapped the ones you have bought, just throw your hands up and say, "You can't touch this!" I'm not going to let you steal my joy, Christmas! This week feels SUPER CRAZY! The boys have had so many damn projects due and class parties. Last Friday we hosted Casey's 12th Birthday party with friends. Just as I was starting to feel my shoulders drop, the boys class sign-up emails started pinging my email.

Erik's second grade class is making "Nail" soup today so a signup was sent out last minute begging for ingredients. Oh and don't forget to bring stuff for the Holiday party, before the field trip on Friday. WHAT? Oh yeah, let's have a field trip on Dec. 23 and before that let's have a class party.  I practically live at the grocery store.

Casey had a huge Egyptian report project due this week. He also had to create an artifact for the "museum". Tomorrow is his 12th birthday. He is getting braces in the morning. On Friday his class is having a formal lunch. All the kids have to dress up and bring fancy supplies and food. Yeah! More stuff to remember. Let's just jam it all in on Friday shall we???

I drove all the way to Walpoop this morning to pick up a present for a little someone and when I got there they let me know it was out of stock. Why did you charge my card then, Walpoop?

Hi Friday, it's me, Nora. I can't wait to make out with you. Call me soon, OK? Until then, I'll be over here dancing with my friend MC Hammer. Good luck, everyone!!