Storm damage


We have been having a ton of rain and wind this past week, which is weather that Sacramento and surrounding counties haven't seen in a long time. Last night, after the sky opened with its next onslaught of rain, we took a look around and noticed that our neighbors old tree had fallen and taken out two large sections of our backyard fence. The tree had been dropping limbs over our fence all summer. Bye tree.

Unfortunately for us, our neighbor no longer lives in the house and the house is stuck in court chaos, so no new owner will be helping to take care of the tree or fence anytime soon. Looks like we will enjoy some chainsaw fun this weekend. Thankfully Curly doesn't venture out too far into the yard anymore. We have been wanting to add a section of fence and gate to this side of the yard for awhile now, so this damage just makes the project get pushed up faster.

After watching the news and seeing the flood damage, this issue is so small. I am sending prayers out to those whose homes and businesses have been damaged by this storm. The footage on the news is not good.

The sun did come out this morning and it felt so great! I took two walks and enjoyed every step. I didn't want to come back into the hospital. I just wanted to sit in the sunshine and soak it up like a lizard.