Summer fun!

This past weekend we drove to Davis to celebrate our friends new home and their 10th wedding anniversary!! Woot Woot! Oh my goodness their new home is gorgeous!!! We are so thrilled for them to have this beautiful new space to dance and love and make memories!!  Congratulations Carina and Aaron! We love you all very much! The boys are in their second week out of school! We are so grateful to their grandparents for taking two days a week this Summer to be with them. Yesterday, Mor Mor and Pops took them to the Sacramento and the Folsom Zoo and to ride the awesome little train! The boys had a terrific day. Our weather this week has been so nice!!

Just as we were making headway with our savings, I decide to go and deplete it! HA HA HA! Maybe not that bad, but I have been having fun coordinating some artwork for the empty walls! The awesome penny sale was at Aaron Brothers this weekend. I picked up a few frames and ordered some great pictures to put in them.

I also ordered shutters for Erik's room to replace the yucky curtains. I made the curtains years ago for our house at Oxbow and used them for his room because this house did not have any window coverings. I did not do a good sewing job. My Mom tried to make them better, thanks for trying Mom. Anyways, I finally ordered shutters and a shade for Casey's room. I am hoping to work on their closets later this Summer as well. We've been making some headway on yard projects too! Stuff is coming together folks!!! Let's do this!!


The boys have been having a blast skateboarding. Casey is learning all kinds of  new tricks and Erik is really getting into it too! I need to get them back into reading and practicing some math. Casey practiced his trombone this morning. His teacher just sent out the music for the jazz band auditions, so we will start working on that as well. The camps the boys have this Summer don't really start until July, so they are just hanging out.

Sending a ton of love and hugs out into the world.