Summer Fun!

What are your plans for the Summer? I thought I would make a list so we have a better chance of making some Summer magic happen!

  1. Camp out in the backyard
  2. Smores (A LOT)
  3. Swim all the time.
  4. Morning bike rides.
  5. BBQ fun with family and friends
  6. Go to Oahu (YES! We are going to Hawaii for the VERY first time! So many of my cousins are going and we are so excited. We will be celebrating the lives of my Uncle Paul and Aunt Janne.)
  7. Go on new hikes
  8. Paint a few bedrooms
  9. Finish baseboards and trim in house
  10. Paint Poppies on the back of the garage wall
  11. Grow an amazing garden. (We are well on our way!!)
  12. Bike to ice cream at night
  13. Play games
  14. Water balloon and egg toss fun
  15. Go to the ocean
  16. Make ice cream
  17. Make popsicles
  18. Tidy up the yards, create new flowerbeds and prepare for fall planting
  19. Dance