Sunday Funday


Oh Sunday, you were so beautiful. Pedar and I enjoyed a walk as the boys hung out at home on Sunday morning. It is so nice to be able to leave them for short bursts of time. When we got back I continued hacking away at our ivy monstrosity. Man, oh man. Pedar and I filled all five green waste bins in no time at all. We're going to need to rent a dumpster. We need to trim it back from years of neglect. Our dream is to remove some of it in the front, replace with decomposed granite and create a little more space for cars to park. Because we don't have sidewalks, it is necessary to keep the ivy under control. The berry bushes that are growing inside of the ivy are so mean! Who wants to wade through ivy to pick berries? NOT ME!

Pedar showed Casey the bike route to his new school, Arden Middle. They had a great ride there and then Pedar got a flat tire on the way back. Oh well. It was good for Casey to see that sometimes you have to walk home and slow down a bit.

Margie was showing a house on our old street, Oxbow, so we watched Rita while she worked. She marketed the heck out of it and received 14 offers. Our friends are very happy and so is Margery!

These two cutie pies enjoyed climbing trees, digging holes and picking vegetables out the garden!

This is the first real week off for the boys. Here we go!