Sunshine and Fresh Air. Yes please!

We may have bit off more than we could chew this month. With hosting two birthday parties, two family Christmas parties and just the normal holiday hectic hyperactivity, I was ready to go to sleep at 6 p.m. on Christmas. I was shopped, cleaned, decorated, organized, cooked and talked out. We got home after enjoying a fun brunch at Pop Pop and Mor Mor's on Christmas and just oozed into quiet areas of the house. We ate left-overs from our Christmas Eve party and watched Pan. After days of working and preparing and going and going and going, I needed it all to stop.

The next day we headed to Lincoln/Auburn to hike at Hidden Falls Regional Park. It was just what we needed. We hiked for a couple of hours and on the way we home we stopped by Goat House Brewery. We enjoyed a tasting and the boys had a delicious vanilla cream soda.

Check out the glasses Casey made with his new 3Doodler he got for his Birthday. Yesterday we hung out with Rita and Margery. Casey had a play date with friends. We put Christmas away, did the normal stuff like laundry, raked a biblical amount of leaves and just relaxed. I'm back at work today, but it's OK. I have New Years Eve and New Years Day off. Hoping to post pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day soon. Hugs all around.