Suzy flipping sunshine


I really didn't want to be an adult today. I wanted to stay home, work out, make a smoothie and then maybe even organize a closet or two or start painting a room. Yeah, cleaning and painting the house sounds so much better than going into work. I wanted to enjoy my house without anyone in it. I didn't want to get my work clothes on and actually work. This wet weather just makes me feel a little sad. I have to PUSH myself to stay positive. I literally fake it until I feel better. I know that if I walked around like Eeyore I wouldn't be helpful to anyone. Here are ten ways I trick myself into feeling like Suzy Sunshine:

  1. Listen to Louis Prima on Pandora, or whatever makes you happy. Music is a great mood lifter!
  2. Dress a little nicer than normal. Spend a bit more time on your look.
  3. Pretend to LOVE working. I am pretending to LOVE writing a script for a new video project. "Man! This is the best damn project ever!"
  4. Sing, "The Sun will come out tomorrow!" It will. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon. Sing whatever song makes you laugh.
  5. Watch videos of cute puppies.
  6. Tell a funny story, maybe one you haven't shared before. Ask someone to share a funny story with you.
  7. Exercise! Put on your bathing suit and exercise in it if you need motivation! Because swimming in a dress is weird, or so I have been told. So rude.
  8. Eat well. Drink a lot of water.
  9. Close your eyes, smile and imagine your heart is a huge smile. Now send that smile out to friends and family.
  10. Hug your person or your child longer than usual. Ask them if they want to play a game. Do what they want to do. Making someone else happy feels good.

I'm wrapping you all in a virtual hug right now. Hope something wonderful happens to you today!