Skating through December

There are weeks that I know I won't remember. Every single day last week and weekend was packed with work and kid stuff. Let's see if I can remember a bit of it. I was coordinating a video with a production team and had to be at the hospital crazy early. We filmed for hours. The amount of details that go into filming at a hospital is enough to make anyone's head spin. Because of the filming I couldn't attend Erik's field trip, but thankfully Pedar could. It was an all-day field trip downtown. Yeah!

Pedar had after-work events. I was volunteering for the second grade Polar Express fundraiser on Thursday night and had a lot of small details to iron out. It was raining on Thursday and I barely made it to the school by 4:45 p.m. to help get it started. I got a SOS call from my neighbor in the middle of the week. She was leaving to have surgery and her childcare for two of her kids fell through for Friday thru Sunday, could we help? Of course! So, we picked up Emery and Harper  on Friday after school and had a weekend sleep-over.

Saturday we hosted Erik's 8th birthday party at a roller skating rink. On Sunday, I was ready to drop. Pedar and I were grateful to my Mom for giving us a few hours to Christmas shop and have a meal without four kids on Sunday. I am still working on the video project and a ton of other projects, but this week feels better. This Friday we are hosting a bunch of dudes over here for Casey's birthday, but no sleep-over, so it should be cool, other than the boy-stink and mess. I am really looking forward to Dec. 23, it will be the last day of school for kids!!  Hang in there everyone. December is crazy!!