Countdown to Halloween

As soon as the weather dips below 90, I feel like it is time to decorate, so I did, and I love it. I have been Halloweening up the inside and out and loving every minute. I dare you bring a smile to your neighbors face and set out a little Halloween fun. Pedar did an awesome job with the lights! The pumpkin we made 11 years ago still stands. Love our huge pumpkin.


The inside is looking spooktastic!

The boys are ready! We've got a creepy pumpkin dude and an octopus. Pedar is sewing lights to the boys costumes too!

Get busy people! You have less than 31 days!!! I am not kidding.

Halloween party

This weekend our neighbor hosted a super fun Halloween party! I bought Mexican wrestling masks when I was in San Diego for work this summer and had an idea for making light of the political craziness! I think our costumes came out great! Casey went as the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and Erik was a sloth. Oh yeah!! WE LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!