Fun in the SNOW

We recently made a trip up to the cabin to check out the crazy amount of SNOW. We were not disappointed. In addition to playing in the snow, Pedar, Casey and our cousins enjoyed skiing on Saturday at Homewood. Erik and I were planning on going, but he got a wicked nose bleed that morning, so we decided to sled ourselves silly instead. And we did! We loved spending time with everyone. We are hoping to go skiing again soon. We better hurry, the sun is finally out! Hurrah!


Labor Day Weekend

We went to Tahoe for Labor Day weekend. We enjoyed time with Addison, Mor Mor, Pop Pop, Dagny and Dean! It was super fun to play, hold and feed Addie. The boys loved spending time with the sweet sack of sugar. Casey was so great with her. He loved holding her. We managed a short hike and bike ride. We built a structure in the forest, enjoyed a  bit of time at the beach and a Chamber's punch with Dagny and Dean. The weekend was great, although I could have done without the crazy traffic on the way home. I meant for us to leave on Sunday evening and I should have listened to my gut. Oh well. We made it back and the memories we made were awesome.


Fresh air makes me happy

We went up to Tahoe on Saturday to help Pedar's parents bring up all the outdoor furniture for renters and do some repairs and enjoy some fresh air! We went on a gorgeous hike on Sunday at Barker Pass. We celebrated Jim and Karen's 46th wedding anniversary. Yesterday was Dagny and Dean's second wedding anniversary! Congratulations all around! Cheers to love. Cheers to fresh air and making fun memories in one of the most gorgeous places in the world. Cheers to coming home to a crazy amount of vegetables!!  

Tahoe time

We went to Tahoe almost two weeks ago and I haven't gotten around to posting pictures! We arrived late Friday and went skiing Saturday and came back on Sunday. By Saturday night we knew the boys were coming down with a cold. They both got a wicked cough, it still lingers, but they rallied really quickly and were back at school, musical rehearsals and band in record time. Erik has his first indoor soccer game this Sunday. We are excited to watch him play. Work has been really insane for us and Casey has big projects due at school. I think this weekend we will tap into some fun and love and it will restore our bodies and hearts!!