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This past weekend we joined the Bruce’s, Remme’s and Huasman’s at St. John’s church to make a bunch of lefse. A few years ago I bought the lefse kit ( Electric Lefse Griddle, Pastry Board and Corrugated Rolling Pin) so we could make it at home during the holidays. Making lefse was a tradition that was celebrated by Pedar’s Grandmother, Dagny.

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Almost Halloween!!

This month has been incredibly busy and speedy. Erik still has soccer every Saturday and practice twice a week. Casey still helps out at SkateMD when he can and is practicing guitar more.

We still have a bit of that huge pile of bark on our driveway. Our goal is to finish it this week. We started planting the 8 trees I bought. Man, I love making projects for us! HA HA HA!

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