Fourth of July

Yesterday was fantastic! We went to our adorable Beyerford Heights neighborhood parade with both of the grandparents and Dagny, Dean and Addie. We visited after the parade for a bit and then swam with a few friends later in the day. Working the next day takes a bit of gun-powder out of my firecracker, but we still had a great time. I'm going to say it, I am not a fan of fireworks. Watching money burn up in seconds makes me feel a little queasy. Let's bring back the family talent show and teach kids a few patriotic songs. I would like to leave the big firework shows for professionals. Every Fourth of July has a pooper, that's why I invited myself, Fourth of July, pooper!!

Hope the rest of your week is kind to you. Happy Hump Day for everyone working! I'm feeling sleepy right along with you.

Family, Friends and Egg Hunt. Must be Easter!

We hosted lunch on Easter for our family and friends. I am so grateful to everyone for bring delicious side dishes and treats. The kids had a super fun time hunting for eggs. It didn't start raining hard till a few hours after the party started so the kids did the hunt first! I loved seeing everyone and look forward to the sun coming out so we can spend more time outside together.