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Thank you, Elvis

This week in California is hard. The air is terrible. The loss of lives and property is devastating. I am intentionally looking for the beautiful stories that are rising from the ashes. The stories of heroism and generosity. I am waiting to hear the plan so we can prevent this from happening again. I am hopeful and heartbroken, but you can choose to be both.

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I want to EAT up all the tiny moments that make each day so beautiful. I want to pause and stop myself from complaining when I have SO MUCH joy to celebrate. I want to remember Casey's amazing hair in the morning and Erik's sleepy eyes. I want to enjoy the frantic kisses that Dottie gives me when she is let out of her enclosure. I want to appreciate how slow Curly walks giving me time to greet my neighbors. I don't want to take for granted the coffee that is placed by my bedside every morning from sweet Pedar. I want to look around and be grateful for every project we've finished in our fixer-upper. I don't want to dread going to work, I will choose to be excited about the opportunities and challenges it provides to help me grow in my skills and communication.

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Toy Drive

This morning all of the toys from the Fox40 Toy Drive for Shriners were delivered. Every year our fantastic Development team gather as many employees as possible to sing carols as the toys are brought in and the TV crews are here. I had a great time teaching everyone the choreography for the 12 days of Christmas. We were asked to wear an ugly Christmas sweater, but I found this dress at Target and couldn't help myself.

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She sees me

This precious dog sees me. I feel like she sees into my heart. I am so happy we brought her home. She has given all of us so much joy and love. 

When I look at her I feel like she wants to tell me all the things I really need to hear. So, I allow myself the fantasy to hear them. This is what Dottie says to me when I look into her eyes, "I love you lady. You are a good Mom. Casey is going to be fine, you are doing all the right things for him. I know you miss friends, and you feel so distant from everyone because life is so busy. It is OK. Don't look too far ahead, and don't look back just to drive yourself crazy, just stay present. Go read Erik a book. Go watch Casey skateboard. Go goose Pedar. Come snuggle with me and Curly and watch Elf. Things are going to be OK."

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