We drove to Oregon to visit Leif, Sierra, Ava and Lola for Thanksgiving. We both worked a bit on Tuesday so we decided to get a room in Ashland so we could stop and rest before completing the drive.

Fortunately the rain stopped Tuesday night so we were able to walk to dinner from our room and around downtown. We even got to visit briefly with Jeanine, a friend we both worked with at Max’s Opera Cafe. Pedar called to see if we could get seats to a Christmas play and left a message for the Box Office, and who should call him back, Jeanine! It was a super fun coincidence.

On Wednesday we finished the drive to Tigard. We arrived to their new, beautiful home before the girls got home from school, so Leif and Sierra gave us a tour and we chatted. The next thing we knew Ava and Lola were home! We hadn’t seen them in person since July 2017 before their move to Florida. Everyone got cuter!

On Thanksgiving Day we participated in their Give and Gobble. The weather held until we got to our cars. It was a gorgeous morning. Later in the day Sierra’s parents and more family came over and we feasted and played with the fantastic light-up Turkey that her parents brought over. It was hilarious!

On Friday the boys and Leif went to Burnside skate park and I took the girls for a bit of shopping. Later, a few of their friends dropped by to watch the Civil War game. The kids had a blast playing. Pedar and I loved walking Murphy, their funny dog. I pressured Sierra into breaking out her Christmas decorations. I had happy memories of helping her decorate on a previous trip and I wanted to see the new house decorated. We got a lot done!

Next thing we knew it was 6 a.m. and we were headed back to Sacramento. We didn’t even have to wake up the boys. They were packed and ready to go. We said our goodbyes and were on the road by 6:30 a.m. We stopped three times shortly and were home by 3:30 p.m. It didn’t rain at all on the way home, which made for a really stress-free and nice drive.

Grateful to create new memories in their new home. Loved seeing them and look forward to making more plans with them in the future.

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