The power of because


Using the word because is powerful. It is supposed to illicit a positive response. Instead of saying, "Can I please step in front of you, I am in a hurry." You are supposed to say, "Can I please step in front of you, because I am really stressed about running late to pick up my kids." Using because makes you share more information, which then may make the listener react differently.

I am going to try it with the kids. I normally would say something like, "Casey, would you please vacuum?" Now I am going to try this, "Casey, would you please vacuum, because I need your help to keep the house clean and it will make me less stressed and I will have more time to play with you."

I know there are a lot of times I ask the boys to help without explanation. I don't feel like I need to explain myself every time, but I'm going to try and throw in the word because a bit more when I'm asking for something.

"Hey Erik, would you please wipe up your toothpaste spit in the sink?" is now going to be asked like this. "Hey Erik, would you please wipe up your toothpaste spit in the sink because I don't want to see that yuckiness when I use the bathroom, and I especially don't want a guest to see your toothpaste mess. You are more than capable of cleaning up after yourself after you brush your teeth, because if you can draw a unicorn, play soccer and minecraft, you can take a piece of toilet paper and wipe the toothpaste up that you left behind when you brushed your teeth!"

Mic drop. Mama out.


Because, because, because, because, because Because of the wonderful things he does We're off to see the wizard,The Wonderful Wizard of Oz