Time's a Wastin


Monday night I performed at the My Sisters House 15th Gala. My Sisters House is an organization to serve Asian and Pacific Islander and other underserved women and children impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking by providing a culturally appropriate and responsive safe haven, job training, and community services. Pedar was asked to put together a performing group for their annual fundraising event and I volunteered to help him. I had a group put together and we were going to do a big number, but then schedules got busy, so I asked my friend Rod Stinson to perform a duet. He performs all the time at weddings and special events, so I knew he would knock it out! I was so grateful he was available and willing. Monday came so quickly. We practiced a couple of times, but really I just had the recording on my phone of us, and had tried to sing along to learn it. Thankfully it is a two-minute song. It is amazing how quick you can forget lyrics!! But, you can do anything for two minutes.

I was really nervous. I didn't tell many people about what I was doing. The tickets for this fundraiser were $50-100 and on a Monday night. At first I didn't even think we would pay for tickets for the boys, but I wanted them to see me up there, so we did. I got really quiet on Saturday night and most of Sunday. I think my coping mechanism is to just withdraw. I will try to get better at this performing thing so I don't act so weird.

I was a bundle of nerves on Monday. I went to Walgreens on my lunch break and bought some fake eyelashes to help me feel more put together and fancy. I didn't do a very good job of putting them on, but they were fun! I painted my nails at my desk and later that night I applied a lot of red lipstick.

Rod and I arrived to the Crest Theater around 3 p.m. for a sound check. Rod was at ease, and he made me feel better. I just pretended to be OK, a lot.


After the sound check, it was time to get ready and go out there and make it happen! Nothing like not performing till  7 p.m. for those butterflies to really kick in!


And this is the video that Pedar took! We did it! We had fun! It was all for a great cause. I flubbed up the lyrics a bit and I wish I hadn't pushed my voice so much, but when I get nervous I forget to breathe and cover my tone, and I end up belting. I don't sing very often anymore and my instrument is rusty! I need to practice more!! Casey asked if I was playing with my dress because I was nervous? Of course I was nervous, I felt like a soda bottle after being shaken!!

I'm glad we paid for the boys to attend. Erik wants to audition for the school talent show next year and so does Casey. Maybe seeing me having fun was just the push they needed to try it for themselves!


timesawasting performing

It's Thursday already today. I am so grateful for Memorial Day holiday this weekend. It should be about 97-99 this weekend. Hello pool time!!

I'm grateful that we don't have any more homework for the boys!! The last day of school is next Thursday. We are switching gears and preparing for summer. Eight weeks of freedom for the boys. Casey is going to his first away summer camp for an entire week. Several of his friends from school are going so we know he will have a blast.

I'm feeling especially proud of my sister Margery for passing her real estate exam (again) and Melanie for completing her first week as a Deputy! Proud of you ladies!