Today I am grateful for...


Like a muscle that has to be worked, creating an attitude of gratitude take a lot of practice. Choosing to not complain or be bitter or resentful, is WORK. Choosing to let things go and move forward in a positive direction without dragging 200 pounds of negativity and anger with you is work. It just SLOWS us down and keeps us stuck. I don't want to be stuck. I want to be light and happy and make some magic happen. I can work on focusing my monkey brain on beautiful moments and positive people that help me be grateful. Because today is March 15, I choose 15 items to share with you! Here goes nothing!!

I am grateful...

  1. I can move my body easily and without pain.
  2. for grandparents that help with the boys. We need you and we appreciate you.
  3. for my job. I have a sense of purpose that I didn't have before. I am helping with a mission that I believe in with my whole heart.
  4. for friends that make me laugh and check in.
  5. for my husband who encourages me to dream big and take care of myself.
  6. for my car. Especially on rainy days when I see parents with kids at the bus stop.
  7. for my Curly. He is just so wonderful!
  8. for our home. It provides me with so much peace and security.
  9. for music! Thank you, Pandora.
  10. for coffee.
  11. for exercise. I love working in a building with eight floors. Love walking the steps everyday.
  12. for walks with my family. I don't like the time change, but being able to walk after work last night in the daylight, was wonderful.
  13. for Kevin Hart. He makes me snort.
  14. for comedians like Tina Fey, Amy Schumer, Megan Mullally and Melissa McCarthy and so many more.
  15. for podcasts. They make my commute so much better and I feel like I am feeding my brain and soul.


Hope your gratitude list is easy to make as well! Here is a kiss for you!!