Ultimate Terror Scream Park


Casey wanted to take his friend Lilly to the Ultimate Terror Scream Park before Halloween so we made plans to go on Sunday. After dinner at their house, Jen, Lilly, Casey and I drove to the Scare Park.


When we arrived, we were told that the kids needed us to accompany them, so we got two more tickets. I REALLY did not want to go. I hate people jumping out at me and was afraid I would kick or punch someone. But away we went!


There were three haunted houses to walk through. Just picture the scariest rooms you've ever seen, like really scary kitchens, basements, children's rooms and bedrooms. There were a lot of scary characters waiting around every corner, some even follow you. These characters have weapons and they look terrible. The speaker system is always playing something terrible; like screaming, clanging, running, banging and someone repeatedly saying "I'm going to kill you" in a creepy voice. 


Casey wanted me to walk really close to him and he was pushing Lilly's wheelchair, so we did this awkward walk/shuffle through the park. As soon as I saw the first scary person, I said, "Hi! Hi! I see you. Hi!" The longer we walked and the more scared I got, I started to then change it to, "No! No! No!"

Yes, I screamed a few times. Yes, I clutched Jen and Casey's hands. But we did it. In fact, the crazy kids wanted to go again, so we walked through all three houses, twice! 


I will never forget our Haunted House experience. I may have been scared but I am so glad I pushed through and made this memory with Casey, Jen and Lilly.

Even the parking lot is scary!!!

Even the parking lot is scary!!!