Wait a minute Mr. Postman

A few weeks ago, someone was opening mailboxes in our neighborhood, rifling through the mail, and then tossing it all over the street. We were one of the lucky ones that didn't get hit, but we were worried. Our street feels like a country road. There are big spaces in between houses and big distances from the mailbox to the house. We needed to purchase a mailbox that could lock. So, off I went to Home Depot and bought a security mailbox for $100. I brought it home and then I went on Pinterest and found this little fun project for Pedar!


In between work and school and a weekend trip to the snow, Pedar deconstructed a section of fence he made years ago to hide our garbages, and created a gorgeous new mail box stand. We love it!

My neighbor allowed me to thin out his gorgeous plants and transplant them around the new mailbox. Hope I can keep them alive!


After that was done, I transplanted a bunch of gorgeous violets from my friend Roz. She dug them out of her yard for me and I was thrilled.

The sun is shining today. It has been a long, wet winter and we all ready for sun!!!Our next big project will be to finally build a gate and finish a bit of fence. Excited to complete that!!