Wax Museum

Last night was Casey's Wax Museum at school. He has been working on the written report for weeks and then he had to create his costume and back drop for the museum. These fifth graders worked so hard. The museum looked so great. I loved that they played soft music as we walked slowly through the multi purpose room. IMG_6235 DSC_5600 DSC_5596


It was really special. Casey came up with his wax museum character because Pedar plays Beastie Boys in the car on the way to school in the morning and had mentioned that Adam Yauch died in 2012, which is why they no longer held concerts or made albums. The only rule for the Wax Museum was that the person had to be dead.  I think the parents got a kick out of Casey's choice.


Pedar took this video last night on his phone and Casey was rapping a Beastie Boy song, but for some reason the volume didn't work, so I put it to some free music. Here you go.