5 plants can create curb appeal

Our very talented neighbor built his custom home. It is GORGEOUS, but it was lacking some plants. I asked if he had drip in his front flower beds and he did, so I knew it would be an easy curb appeal job.

We have fringe flower under our bedroom window in the front and it has filled out so nicely. I knew I could plant that under his dining room window. It is a great plant for height and color and it is crazy easy to grow!! I wanted to bring out the green on his door and windows, so I found an Apricot Queen New Zealand Flax that works great.

I found the plants I needed at Green Acres on Jackson Rd. I love this location. Their service is always fantastic!

Pedar and I made quick work of repairing a bit of his drip and digging the holes. The five plants were in the ground in less than an hour. We spread a bit of bark and BOOM, it looks so pretty!


We planted on September 19 and the plants are doing so well! The fringe flowers are blooming. They will reach all the way to the window in a few years! Just a few plants will make a huge difference to any yard! Take a moment to give your yard a hug and treat it to a few trees and plants. Make it cuter!! It will give so much joy and peace back to you. Beautifying your yards are so worth it!