Weekend magic

This weekend we had Ferno the wonder dog stay with us for a couple of nights. She really enjoyed the swim party we hosted for Casey's friends birthday. She loved swimming with the boys.

Pedar and I tried to do some yard work this past weekend and it was hard because it was so stinking hot. We got a bit done and we made a nice little trash pile. We coordinated our free annual dump pick-up for today, so that was motivation to create a pile. I love getting rid of caca laca. Casey had a sleep-over on Saturday so we only had one kid.  It was rather quiet on Saturday.


This week has flown by. I am grateful it is Thursday. I'm getting used to the boys not having homework and being in bed sometimes when I leave for work! They have been staying up later, which means I have been staying up later. I need to get my darn self into bed earlier. AHH!!!


I was able to meet up with Megan and her adorable five-month-old Simon this week! He is so darling!!

pictureOh my gosh! I finally bought a poster for our house!! I am putting this over a little table across from our kitchen. I just love that this woman is smiling and holding a huge cup of coffee. OH!! And I think I finally decided what to put above our couch too. Only took me close to three years to make a decision! I'm so speedy.

Hope everyone has been having a good week. The temperature cooled down and our evenings have been so beautiful!!!